A little R &R is good for the mind.

This weekend the entire family, grandma, two dogs and a close friend of my husbands went to Massachusetts to see the Patriots play the Miami Dolphins. Only I wasn’t going to the game; either was the dogs. I decided to take the trip and just stay in the hotel room with the dogs when everyone else went to the game.

After tailgating my husband texted me to see how I was doing. I told him I kinda felt like a loser staying in the hotel and not being at the game. But we only had four tickets so someone was staying home with the dogs. And since I can’t stand the cold it might as well as been me. And it was. I sat all day in the hotel room watching reruns of Friends and trying to get some shut eye as they were having a blast watching the game. I felt like I should have stayed home. But my husband was glad I went. He didn’t want me home alone. Why because he knew I’d be more depressed sitting home for three days alone then I would being a part of this trip. I was alone for maybe six hours compared to three days. Which in bipolar years is a lifetime and if you have bipolar you know your mind will wonder into territories you dare not go. My husband was right. I was glad I went. It was a nice weekend away from the house. A mini vacation if you will before we start back at school once again.

I know I like being alone. I need the alone time. But too much is not good. Six hours was just enough. I watched Friends, ate cold left over nachos from the night before and then shut off everything, put a pillow over my head and relaxed for four hours. It went by so fast I was shocked when four o’clock rolled around.

I then too the dogs out for a long walk – it was peaceful, relaxing and when they came back to the hotel they were hungry. We all went out to dinner. So I plead with my depressive bipolar friends. Do not stay in. Do not sit home alone for the whole weekend. Go. Be with family and friends because even though you don’t feel like it your body needs social interaction. But don’t forget to mix with a little rest and relaxation.

As we are driving home I am writing this article. It’s quiet in the car. Moms playing on her iPad. Gianna has her headphones in. The two dogs are sleeping and Don is in the front seat peacefully sitting while Joe drives. It’s nothing thrilling but it’s my family and I wouldn’t trade them for the anything. It’s a long drive. I’m sure we will stop for food along the way. But my support network is all within arms reach and that’s what you need more than anything. So this coming year. Don’t isolate yourself. Find your support network and be with them. It doesn’t matter how or where. Just don’t be alone.

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